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Consilium UniSupervisor™ for WxCC is a tool tailored to aid contact center supervisors in effectively managing and overseeing agent performance and overall contact center operations. A Supervisor Desktop is a crucial tool for managing and monitoring contact center operations effectively.

Key features

  • CC Navigator
  • Post Call Survey
  • Supervisor Tools Support(WxCC)
  • Cisco Webex integration
  • Microsoft Teams Integration

Use Cases

Contact Center Navigator

CC Navigator is the Supervisor Management Console that allows Supervisor to manipulate and update various Media Flows of the Organization directly from the webexCC Desktop eliminating the need of doing the same from Management Portal

Post Call Survey

Post Call Survey is a new Gen Survey Mechanism , allows to collect survey from customers through IVR Based PCS or Link based PCS for Digital Channels. PCS is fully customizable to record and display the survey results in Interactive Graphs and Designs.

Cisco Webex Integration

UniSupervisor™ can be Embeded in Cisco Webex ,enabling Supervisor to login directly from Cisco Webex to manage teams and use the power of UniSupervisor™ to full extend.

Microsoft Teams Integrations

UniSupervisor™ can be embeded in Microsoft Teams , enabling supervisor to login directly from MS Teams to Manage teams and use the power of UniSupervisor™ to full extend.

Supervisor Tools Support for webexCC

Consilium Provides full support to enable and modify the out of the box widgets and customizable reports with webex CC Analyzer (RealTime and Historal Reports) from webexCC


Real-time Dashboard View
UniSupervisor™ Dashboard
Agent performance statistics
CC Navigator
WxCC Analyzer
WxCC Analyzer Real Time
Post Call Survey Report

To use Consilium UniSupervisor™, you will need a webex Contact Center license and a Consilium UniSupervisor™ license. To book a demo, pricing and subscription options,
please send an email to sales-support@consiliuminc.com

To Get Started

For More Information : sales-support@consiliuminc.com