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UniVCX™ - Video Customer Experience

Real Time Customer Support for Cisco UCCX and UCCE

Consilium UniVCX™ is a replacement option for Cisco Remote Expert Mobile (REM) product. It is designed to simplify the communications between customers and the contact center agents with one to one video chatting and conferences. The UniVCX™ acts as a bridge between the customers either on phone or web and Cisco agents on either CCX/CCE platforms. The most special feature about this product is that it facilitates the Cisco agents to have WebRTC based rich media customer engagement. It allows real time, peer-to-peer media exchange between two devices. A connection is established through a discovery and negotiation process called signaling

As the Consilium UniVCX™ uses contact center routing and integrates into Cisco CCE, it allows the organizations to build a centralized omnichannel contact strategy by adding new digital channels to the existing CCE deployments. UniVCX™ provides voice and video over IP and other expert assist features within pre-existing applications


Simplified Communications

The Consilium UniVCX™ provides the services of one to one audio/video call, chatting and conferencing between the customers and Cisco agents.


Both the customers and the Cisco agents can co-browse simultaneously at their respective ends.


It helps in saving the conversations between the customers and the agents, and either party can access it from the chat history.


It helps the users to highlight something and draw during screen sharing.

Doc Sharing

Both the customers and the agents can share image, pdf or excel docs.


Customers have the advantage of hiding the important data like their personal and bank account details.


  • Application and web screen sharing (co-browsing)
  • Agent control of co-browsing (remote control)
  • Highlight and draw during screen sharing (annotation)
  • Send and receive files and images (document push)
  • Use camera/ webcam to take and send photos for eKYC
  • In-call controls for both expert and customer to have the ability to mute, video, audio, or both.
  • Videos

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