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UniCampaign™ Outbound Campaign Management

List and Campaign Manager for Cisco® Contact Centers

Enables proactive and interactive customer engagement across channels 

Consilium UniCampaign™ assists you in reaching out to your prospects proactively and lets you keep track of your campaigns with real-time campaign analysis. UniCampaign™ for Cisco® outbound contact center automates and centralizes campaign and list management, significantly decreasing manual involvement and simplifying the implementation of dialing strategies. It complements the strength and robustness of Cisco's dialer technology with the tools contact center managers need to define and control which records to call, and when and how they should be dialed


Blended Call

Seamlessly integrates with CTI application to deliver blended experience to your contact center agents and knowledge workers

Campaign Management

Let’s you customize your campaign by setting up campaign-level  time and date criteria, define dialing and rescheduling rules based on call dispositions and business outcomes with the ability to start, stop, pause, and resume campaigns


A complete set of reports suite to track campaign or agent performance and strategize your future outbound campaign


  • Imports Calling list into the Cisco Dialer for campaigns created on Cisco
  • Holiday Management
  • DNC management
  • Multi-channel contact management for Voice, Email, and SMS
  • Ad-hoc management and Automated scrubbing
  • Supervisor/Reporting user will have the ability to view either a single tenant/company or multiple tenants
  • Outbound reports which are different from UCCE offered reports
  • List Import from multiple sources (Local Directory, FTP, SFTP, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM)
  • Email and SMS templates

List Management

UniCampaign™ allows target callers to be selected from multiple lists using advanced contact selection. 

SMS and Email Management

Apart from outbound Voice campaign management, UniCampaign also offers support for Email and SMS camapign management. Thus, equipping Contact Centers with contextual mutlichannel outbound campaign management capabilities. 

  • SMS integration with Twilio and Tropo
  • Email integration with SMTP





Why Choose Consilium UniCampaign™ Outbound Campaign Management

Makes each interaction relevant resulting into faster service delivery

Support Virtualized platform

Create highly engaging campaign


Check out how Consilium's UniCampaign™ Outbound Campaign Management helped to achieve better ROI on operations.