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UniQM™ Quality Management Solution

As organizations increasingly compete on the basis of customer experience (CX), call center performance has become a critical business focus. That’s where call center quality management (QM) comes in: UniQM™ solution gives you the tools to continuously measure and monitor agent performance, assess the quality and depth of your customer interactions, and drive constant improvement. With UniQM™, agents can be recorded remotely with a comprehensive secure, and reliable solution that provides a seamless, consistent experience for contact center leaders and compliance teams capturing 100% of interactions.

UniQM™ provides Analytics based quality monitoring insight into the calls that have the greatest impact enabling supervisors and managers to spend more time on targeted coaching to improve performance. Over time, it helps drive a comprehensive quality program that targets business issues and processes, turning interactions into valuable data and giving you visibility into key trends. The UniQM™ solution also provides call scoring feature for each call. The KPIs for scoring are highly configurable and can be set accordingly for each department of an organization.


Scoring Capabilities

The UniQM solution also provides for call scoring feature for each call. The KPIs for scoring are highly configurable and can be set accordingly for each department of organization.

Evaluation KPI’s- View all your KPI Scoring Questions based on the department. Create, Edit and Delete new or existing ones.

UniQM Analytics

  • Call Recording Trend chart: This chart graphically presents information on how many recordings were made. Both Inbound and Outbound as well as total. The Line graph displays the extensions on which recordings were made.
  • Total Recordings: This is a pie chart indicating percentage of Inbound, Outbound and Extension to Extension recordings.
  • Recording Call Durations: Displays Longest, Shortest, and Average call durations.
  • Call Recording Volumes: Displays which extension got most calls recorded and how much.
  • Reporting: Build highly customized reports and dashboards to displays a holistic view of call recordings.


  • 100% Call Recording to capture all the customer interactions
  • Automatically organize call data-Turn mountains of call data into neatly categorized information
  • Search for exactly what you need- Create advanced, precise queries. Quickly sift through hundreds of thousands of interactions.
  • Recording Search and Playback Interface- Web Interface to search and playback the relevant calls
  • Deliver immediate results with call evaluations.

Easy to Use

UniQM™ provides an easy-to-use console to create chatbot or conversational interfaces in minutes.


With UniQM™, there are no upfront costs or minimum fees. Contact centers and technology partners can avail Consilium’s pay-as-you-go pricing, which makes it a cost-effective way to step into conversational AI capability.

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