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UniVRM™ Virtual Relationship Manager

Consilium UniVRM™ is a campaign-oriented product designed for organizations. It facilitates the assignment of a Relationship Manager to a premium customer list, emphasizing personalized experiences in support. UniVRM™ enables Relationship Managers to efficiently schedule callbacks, taking into account the preferences and inputs provided by the customer. This system ensures a tailored and responsive service, enhancing the customer relationship management process.



  • Collect and store unique customer identifiers
  • Adapt to diverse business hours, and time slots for callback scheduling
  • Handle callback requests from various channels
  • Allows campaign level configuration for enabling VRM Campaign

Use cases

  • Campaign Management: Enables the creation and management of tailored campaigns targeting premium customers.
  • Personalized Relationship Management: Assigns dedicated Relationship Managers to high-value customers for a personalized support experience.
  • Customized Callback Scheduling: Allows Relationship Managers to schedule callbacks based on customer preferences and input, ensuring timely and relevant communication.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Focuses on building stronger, more personalized connections with customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

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