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UniCBM™ Callback management

Callback Manager for Cisco® Contact Center

Empowers your callers to choose when, and how they want to connect 

Overview – An intuitive callback management solution for your customer service centers to end long hold times for callers during peak call hours. UniCBM™ addresses the choice of dealing with dissatisfied customers versus the cost of adding staff to meet service goal levels by providing caller in queue to leave their number and receive callback at a preferred time .

UniCBM™ generates callback and attempts to reach the caller at the earliest or at their preferred time effectively. Callers who opt for callback enjoy the seamless interaction and better resolution to their queries. This not only reduces missed opportunities but also provides meaningful collaboration and conversation that strengthens existing relationships


Enhancing User Experience

Enable your customers torequest callbacks at their preferred time. Through this value-addedservice, callers can quicklyand seamlessly interact with yourcontact center to get the supportthey need. Thus making iteasy for your customers to work withyou. 

Improving Contact Center Operations

Providesadded assistance to your contactcenter staffing and productivity shifting customer interactions duringpeak calling times to the non-peaktimes when your agents might be lessproductive. 

Web-based Administration

An easy to use application which allows to configurethe solution andspecify the desired performanceparameters and options


  • Maintain real-time queue positions
  • Capture customers unique id
  • Customizable call flows for capturing call back requests
  • CTI integration to effectively handle customer queries
  • Configurable business hours, holidays, and time slots for call back
  • Designed specifically for automating callbacks on behalf of groups of agents or individual agents.
  • Process callback requests from multiple sources
  • management preview dial campaigns, call back schedule, plus real-time and historical reporting

Why Choose Consilium UniCBM™ Callback management

Reduced call abandoned rates

Reduces Agent idle time

Saves caller with Toll charges while waiting on hold and Optimized staffing and productivity


Check out how Consilium's UniCBM™ Callback management helped to achieve better ROI on operations.