UniDashboard™ Real-time monitoring

Wallboard, Dashboard and Floor Manager for Cisco Contact Center

Improves organization-wide visibility and contact center effectiveness

A web-based application displaying your contact center metrics visually for faster tracking and better decision. UniDashboard™ is designed to empower business users with the ability to analyze and track key business metrics in real-time, anticipate contact volumes, and optimize workforce productivity. Thus, simplifying your intra-day operation management.


Access to critical data with ease

With meaningful and interactive dashboards, you will be able to view and analyze the KPIs that drive improvement 

Simplified navigation

Real-time access to the business critical information and areas of concern before business outcomes are affected. 

Customization for What is relevant

Customize the desktop environment based on the unique needs of multiple user types. 

User empowerment

Empowers managers to make decision-based on real-time statistical information which is easy to comprehend

Operational Control

Business users enjoy increased efficiency by keeping operational control at their fingertips


  • Display the metrics that are most meaningful and relevant to you 
  • Ability to configure your own thresholds
  • A unified view of all Contact Center KPI's at one glance
  • Customizable charts to display real-time data
  • Colour coded thresholds
  • Interactive dashboard tiles and KPI’s
  • Available for both Cisco UCCX and UCCE
  • Seamless integration with multiple applications such as Cisco Agent Desktop, UniAgent™ etc.
  • Provides Role-based access control based on skills/skill groups for Agents/Supervisors created in the Wallboard application. 


Why Choose Consilium UniDashboard™ Real-time monitoring

Integrates with CTI solution for delivering unified contact center experience

Accessible through smartphones, desktops, tablets – thus enhancing mobility

Visualize Contact Center performance over time with easy to use data tables and charts streamlined from various sources


Check out how Consilium's UniDashboard™ Real-time monitoring helped to achieve better ROI on operations.