Cisco SolutionsPlus Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the product license fee and what needs to be ordered separately?

All Consilium SKUs come with the first year of support built-in, i.e., 12 months of Consilium Software Support Service from the date of order shipping.  Requests to purchase 2- or 3-year support in addition to the first year included will need to be quoted to the ordering partner from Consilium.

Professional services (PS) for product deployment and training also need to be quoted to the ordering partner by Consilium.

For PS and custom requirements quotes, please reach out to splus-support@consiliuminc.com.


What is the standard licensing model for UniAgent™, UniCampaign™ (LCM), UniDashboard™, and UniCloud™?

Pricing for UniAgent™, UniDashboard™, and UniCloud™ products is based on a concurrent and perpetual user license which is consistent with Cisco’s contact centre licensing model.  The concurrent license is applicable to a connection.  In the case of concurrent connections, more than one individual is allowed to utilize the concurrent license or connection, but the number of connections is limited at any one time to at any one time to the number of concurrently licensed seats.  As an example, if a contact centre has three shifts with 100 agents each, that would need 100 concurrent licenses, whereas in a named user licensing model that would need 300 named user licenses.

Pricing for UniCampaign™ (LCM) is based on the number of outbound ports licenced in the Cisco solution.

Pricing for the UniAgent-UniCampaign Combo (LCM Blended Combo Bundle) is based on the number of concurrent agents, with an equal number of outbound ports licenced.  Additional outbound port licences can be purchased as a non-standard configuration under CS-UNI-OPN.

Unlike some other providers, all Consilium licences (other than SaaS SKU’s) are perpetual which lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the solution lifecycle –  i.e., just like standard Cisco UC and contact centre licences, you pay for the licence once for the initial purchase, and the only recurring cost is the annual software support.  We recommend that for any purchase you consider the TCO over 3 years or more before deciding which licensing model, standard (perpetual) or SaaS, is best for your needs.


What is the licensing model for the UniAgent™ SaaS connector and UniCampaign™ LCM SaaS?

Pricing for UniAgent™ SaaS is based on a named user license.  The named license is tied to an individual within a Cisco CCE or CCX platform, and can only be used by that individual.  If the original individual, of which a named license is assigned, is no longer with the organization or no longer requires use of the system, the license can be re-allocated to another individual.

Pricing for UniCampaign™ (LCM) SaaS is based on the number of outbound ports licenced in the Cisco solution.


Is any server required for deploying UniAgent™, UniCampaign™ (LCM), UniDashboard™ and UniCloud™?

Yes, you will also need one or more host servers with Windows Server operating system and Microsoft SQL Server database provided by the customer or partner.  The server and software requirements are based on the sizing done during presales.  Both, virtual machines (VMs) and bare metal servers are supported, and Consilium’s software can be installed on Cisco UCS servers as long as Cisco application co-residency requirements are met.  For assistance from Consilium, please reach out to splus-support@consiliuminc.com.


Is the UniAgent™ CRM connector compatible with pre-Finesse versions, e.g., older UCCX environments using Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD), and UCCE / PCCE environments running Cisco CTIOS?

Yes, besides the latest Finesse API based version, UniAgent™ is available for UCCX-CAD and UCCE-CTIOS too, given that our products have been around since 2008.  


Does UniAgent™ support Outbound CTI with Cisco CCE and CCX, i.e., outbound screen pop with CRM integration for outbound campaign calls in preview, predictive or progressive dialling modes?

Yes, Outbound CTI is supported with the UniAgent-UniCampaign Combo (LCM Blended Combo Bundle), and besides that you get outbound contact management functionality to enhance Cisco outbound contact center capabilities by introducing automated and centralized campaign and list management.  If you just require Outbound CTI for CRM integration, that can be purchased as a non-standard configuration under CS-UNI-OPN.


Which CRM’s and hosts is Consilium UniAgent™ compatible with?

Consilium UniAgent™ is compatible with the following CRM’s.  This is a partial list as our CRM support is rapidly growing.

  1. Authority Contact Center Cloud CRM
  2. BMC Footprints
  3. BMC Remedy
  4. BMC Remedyforce
  5. CA Service Desk Manager (UniCenter)
  6. IBM WebSphere MQ
  7. Microsoft Dynamics (cloud and on-premise versions) 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016
  8. MyGeniie Service Desk Portal
  9. Oracle Siebel
  10. Oracle Flexcube
  11. Oracle Teleservice
  12. Pipedrive
  13. Pivotal
  14. Redknee
  15. Salesforce (Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, also known as Salesforce Classic)
  16. Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX) for Sales Cloud and Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX) for Service Cloud
  17. SAP
  18. Sapiens IDIT
  19. ServiceNow
  20. Sugar CRM


What if the end customer has a different CRM or front-end application, which is not listed as supported by Consilium UniAgent™?

UniAgent™ can be extended to integrate and exchange data with CRM’s other than those listed, as well as customers’ specific business applications.  The advantage of the modular design of UniAgent™ is that the Cisco side of the connector remains the same regardless of which CRM is to be integrated with.  This can be purchased as a non-standard configuration under CS-UNI-OPN.  Consilium’s development cycle for a new CRM connector is typically 4-6 weeks for new sales.


Do UniAgent™ and UniCampaign™ support Omni-channel functionality and social media interfaces?

Yes, besides inbound and outbound voice, UniAgent™ optionally supports omni-channel functionality in a number of ways, whether it is providing Cisco email and chat control within the UniAgent™ user interface, integrating with the CRM’s email and chat distribution, or interfacing to social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter.  UniCampaign™ also supports email and sms contact as an option.  Optional features can be purchased as a non-standard configuration under CS-UNI-OPN. 


How is the UniAgent™ CRM connector better or different compared to having the CRM view inside a Finesse gadget?

With most CRM’s, UniAgent™ allows customers to continue using the native CRM user interface (UI) and embeds Cisco call controls into it – agents no longer use Cisco Finesse or Cisco Agent Desktop as the user interface.   With that come many more features apart from just a CRM screen pop, such as one single UI, streamlined tasks with automated workflows, and call activity logging into the CRM case / account.   Customers mostly prefer that agents use the CRM as their only user interface, instead of having to toggle between Cisco Finesse and the CRM.  We believe this is a better approach compared to embedding a CRM data preview within the Cisco Finesse UI. 


How are UniAgent™ and UniDashboard™ useful for customers migrating from CAD to Finesse?

Cisco continues to address the feature parity gap between Finesse and CAD in new releases.  Nevertheless, customers who cannot wait can take advantage of the CAD-equivalent reports available in UniAgent™ and UniDashboard™, such as Agent Call Log Display and Recent Call List.  In addition, UniAgent™ has a Reports tab, which allows agents to view a select set of Consilium custom-developed reports not available in CUIC.


What is UniDashboard™ Floor Manager and how is it priced?

Floor Manager is a view in UniDashboard™ which displays all the logged-in agents in the contact center with their colour-coded current status, and allows agent-specific drill down.  The view can be filtered by skill group, and by entering text such as a specific status (e.g., “Not Ready”) or agent name (e.g., Chris.)  Floor Manager is included in the standard UniDashboard™ licence at no additional cost.


What is UniDashboard™ Command Center and how is it priced?

Command Center is an advanced module designed for monitoring of multi-site contact centers for large enterprises and telcos.  It provides a map-based visualisation of contact centre performance against KPIs, with colour-coded red, amber and green circles showing the service level status of each site.  It also has drill-down statistics for those KPIs which have crossed the set threshold level.  For more details on pricing and feature list, please reach out to splus-support@consiliuminc.com.

My organization requires that we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and / or teaming agreement prior to sharing opportunity information.

Consilium has global NDA’s executed with several of Cisco’s partners.  For assistance with NDA’s and teaming agreements, please reach out to splus-support@consiliuminc.com.


Where is Consilium Software headquartered?

Consilium was founded and incorporated in the Republic of Singapore in 2007 as Consilium Software Inc (Pte.) Ltd., and that remains the parent company.  Consilium offices and companies are located in India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, and the North American business is managed out of Consilium Software Canada Inc in Toronto.


Where can I view the Consilium End User Licence Agreement (EULA)?

The current version of the EULA is downloadable from http://consiliuminc.com/spluseula.


What is Consilium’s engagement model with Cisco partners?

Consilium primarily sells its software through resellers, who are most often established local partners of Cisco, such that from the end customer’s perspective Uni™ products are being purchased from the local partner who sold them the Cisco solution.  Consilium also delivers Cisco advanced professional services on behalf of other partners, leveraging our nearly one-decade experience as a Cisco ATP-UCCE accredited partner, Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture partner status and membership of the Cisco Developer Network (CDN.)


Do I need to purchase via Cisco SolutionsPlus if my organisation has already been buying Consilium Uni™ products directly from Consilium in the past?

Please reach out to your Consilium account manager or write to splus-support@consiliuminc.com for assistance in such cases.


What is Consilium UniCloud™?

UniCloud™ is a multi-tenant provisioning and management platform for Cisco Collaboration Architectures.  It allows partners to create subscription-based, "as-a-service" offers of Cisco Collaboration applications, including Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM), Cisco Unity Connection (CUC), Cisco Unified Presence Server (CUPS), Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) and Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE.) 


Who should use Consilium UniCloud™?

UniCloud™ is used by large Cisco SIs (systems integrators) and service providers for the provisioning and day-2 management of some of Cisco’s largest collaboration deployments in the world.  It is used for cloud fulfillment, multi-tenancy, and service automation in their Cisco-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offerings.  Under OEM agreement for partners who prefer to use their own user interface and branding, Consilium exposes an XML-based REST API to perform the majority of functions available in UniCloud™.


Can Consilium UniCloud™ also be used for managing on-premise and private cloud deployments?

Yes, the value for large enterprises is that system administrators can provision, administer, and automate the management of Cisco UC and contact center solutions from a single tool, with integrated work flows and cost savings.