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Consilium Partners with Non-Profit Organizations to Advance their Missions

  • 2021-12-08
  • Singapore, Canada & India

Singapore, Canada & India, Dec. 8th, 2021 - When one of Australia’s trusted national not-for-profit organizations was looking for ways to scale their 24/7 multiplatform public support services, it sought Consilium’s contact center products and expertise as an answer to managing and training over 10,000 staff and volunteers. On the other side of the Pacific, in California, a community healthcare and education non-profit turned to Consilium UniContext to equip their contact center staff to serve callers’ needs based on contextual data without the need to store patients’ personally-identifiable information (PII.)

Charity organizations are often disadvantaged by the lack of operating funds and tight budgets, which reduces their access to the best use of technology. According to NetChange’s long-running survey of technology use by non-profits, only 11% viewed their organizations’ approaches to digital as highly effective. “Consilium’s partnership with non-profits is about providing digital expertise with pro bono consulting services at the senior management level, developing and deploying innovative digital solutions to create public value, and helping them improve operational efficiency by bringing in automation, AI-enablement and insights,” said Pramod Ratwani, Founder and CEO of Consilium Software.

“Non-profit’s contact center services are often provided by a large pool of volunteers, and IT resources have to spend a large proportion of their time adding, editing and deleting user profiles. Consilium UniCloud introduced automation to reduce the effort associated with maintaining the accuracy and currency of the contact center user list by about 80%,” added Aman Basra, Co-founder and Vice President, Solutions.

In the developing world, Consilium’s UniAgent Mobile has made it possible for over 5,000 work-from-home agents per month to return to work and remain employed by enabling them to perform all inbound and outbound contact center voice and data functions using any smartphone with either 4G VoLTE or home Wi-Fi, while maintaining full enterprise control over call routing, reporting and security. While agents in developed countries had an easier transition to working from home with access to affordable high-speed broadband the norm and laptops and VPN often provided by employers, affordability was an issue for those in underprivileged locations and communities.

In addition, Consilium UniRSM enabled real-time quality monitoring and coaching of agent-to-customer conversations to continue even when agents and supervisors were in different geographical locations or working from mobile devices. Nearly 50 Consilium clients leveraged UniRSM’ whisper coaching solutions this year to train thousands of new remote agents on the job and equipping existing staff to handle new products using the new ‘Agent Buddy System’, which allows agents to request live help from a panel of more experienced “buddies.”

“This year represents Consilium’s commencement in offering our innovative products and services to the not-for-profit community globally,” said Pramod Ratwani. “Using these projects as example cases, the company will seek to target other opportunities to provide affordable solutions to organizations in the not-for-profit sector.”

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