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Consilium enhances Video Customer Engagement with state-of-art technology and the new release of UniVCX™ 7.0

  • 2023-02-06
  • Singapore, Canada & India

Singapore, Canada & India, February 06, 2023 – Consilium Software, a world-leading provider of customer engagement solutions, today announced the release of a newer version of its globally acclaimed next-generation video collaboration platform, UniVCX™. The global leader in AI-powered customer engagement solutions has augmented its UniVCX™ to a next-level version, 7.0, which can be tightly integrated with contact center solutions or used as a standalone solution using WebRTC technology. UniVCX™ from Consilium combines live chat, video, co-browsing, kiosk, and e-KYC features to deliver a digital-first customer experience (CX).

The latest advanced features of UniVCX™ 7.0 include saving recordings in an encrypted format, flipping the camera, Single Sign-on (SSO), and post-call survey. The robust UniVCX™ allows organizations to add three synchronous digital channels, chat, video/co-browsing, and audio, to their Cisco, Genesys, and Amazon Connect contact centers. UniVCX™ uses a proprietary encryption algorithm to provide a secure video, recording, and co-browsing framework and to protect sensitive customer data from unauthorized access or an intruder attacks.

UniVCX™ leverages the new frameworks, which apart from video-based identity verification, include guidelines for the use of AI and machine learning in identification and verification. UniVCX™ provides supervisors with features like post-call surveys and agents with features to transfer calls to other agents with video chat support and options to disable videos when it is not required. Organizations can integrate real-time voice, video, and expert-assist interactive collaboration experiences directly into their customer-facing iOS and Android applications and websites (desktop and mobile browsers.)

Consilium’s UniVCX™ platform has helped leading airports, banking, financial services, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing industry customers to implement digital CX into their video and self-service kiosks, thereby enabling a new level of customer experience for in-person assistance with a centralized pool of AI and video-enabled customer services. UniVCX™ enables click-to-call video kiosks that allows passengers to connect with a remote agent who will provide information about new flights, guide passengers to expedite check-in, flight status, baggage tracking, and locate check-in gates or help them find their way around the airport.

“The new UniVCX™ 7.0 is ahead of game as compared to any other video collaboration solution in the market, UniVCX™ customer interfaces are designed to meet WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ensure compatibility with the JAWS (Job Access with Speech) for Kiosks screen reading software and are navigable using Storm's assistive technology products in conjunction with JAWS for Kiosks,” said Pramod Ratwani, Founder and CEO of Consilium Software. UniVCX™ biometric authentication technology allows providers to onboard users safely and securely with ID documents and facial recognition checks to ensure that the identity is legitimate, and the correct person is physically present for the medical consultation.

The UniVCX™ solution has also enabled the transition from chat to live video/co-browse to provide first-touch issue resolution and efficient real-time instructions and support to telecom customers. For BFSIs, UniVCX™ allows bank representatives and clients to have video calls, eKYC, screen share, file transfer, file an application through co-browsing, or make a claim from anywhere they connect. UniVCX™ powered video kiosk solution will help customers to initiate a video call to a bank representative and can conduct self-service transactions such as checking account balances, making deposits and withdrawals, and paying bills.


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Founded in 2007 in Singapore, Consilium Software and our Uni™ digital customer engagement platform have helped over 2,000 companies in over 120 countries connect their employees with customers.

Our choice of cloud-based and on-premise software powers five billion-plus interactions each year, simplifying the management of voice, video, and digital channels. Our solutions go beyond omnichannel to merge the contact center (CC) and CRM, creating fluid experiences with artificial intelligence (AI), bots, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We integrate experiences, not just channels.

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