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Consilium Software Launches UniHealth™ Unified Communications for Healthcare

  • 2009-11-05 16:46:03.267
  • Singapore, India

Consilium Software, the Unified Communications software company specializing in solutions for enterprises and contact centers, today announced the launch of UniHealthTM, an element of its UNITM suite of solutions to transform business processes. UniHealthTM is Unified Communications for healthcare, a solution which combines voice, collaboration and multimedia capabilities to improve patient service and make efficient use of expensive human resources. The solution can be readily applied to telemedicine applications, where medical information is transferred via telephone, the Internet or 3G video networks for the purpose of consulting.

UniHealthTM helps healthcare organizations to optimize the delivery of patient service, lower operating costs reduce medical error and, most importantly, bring connected health into focus with connected hospitals, connected clinics and connected patients all over the world. The challenge today is for healthcare providers to apply the advances in Information & Communications Technology into healthcare business processes. Consilium's UniHealth™ focuses on Unified Communications, linking communication capabilities and computers so that data travels, not individuals, thus reducing latency. It automates and streamlines the way patients contact the hospital and how medical officers and doctors access patient information. Another key capability is improved customer service and reduced costs with self-service applications, video and non-voice contact options that allow patients to gain information via their preferred method. Medical officers' efficiency is optimized by empowering them with real-time communications tools to team them with experts (doctors and nurses) using rich presence, instant messaging, audio-video-web conferencing and application sharing.

The solution is modular, so healthcare providers can start with the capabilities that address specific business needs and use them independently or in combination to further leverage their return on investment. UniHealthTM integrates with other SIP-based applications and avoids vendor lock-in, complicated upgrades, and high maintenance costs. SIP enables the power of open systems to be brought to the world of telecommunications. The solution will also fully support clients' incumbent PBX switching technology - therefore, healthcare providers can protect their existing telephony investments.

"The promise of Unified Communications is to reduce human latency in business processes by enabling multichannel modes of communication. In an industry where the ability to respond quickly and reach the right person at the right time is crucial, Unified Communications represents an unprecedented opportunity to streamline communication processes in order to improve the quality of patient care. With UniHealthTM physicians, nurses, staff and patients can have secure, anytime access to the information they need, and to each other", said Pramod Ratwani, President and Executive Chairman of Consilium Software.

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