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Consilium Software Delivers Genesys Contact Center Solution

  • 2010-08-18 16:46:03.267
  • India

Unified communications software company Consilium Software has stated that they have designed and delivered the Genesys contact center solution to Bharti AXA and helped them switch over to a technology platform that provides them with the scalability and tightly integrates with all their business as well as backend processes.

According to the company, Genesys customer contact center solutions can help any business deliver an excellent customer experience that wins new customers, increases customer loyalty, and helps achieve key business goals. Genesys contact center solution is software based that allows contact centers to handle large number of calls and yet maintain the quality of the call.

Genesys outbound contact center solution have been implemented with Consilium’s UNI range of products that provided Bharti AXA with a complete solution which it was looking for its business as well as retaining the flexibility to the dynamics of the market.  

Consilium’s UNI suite of products has been tightly put together with their currently running backend applications. Consilium UniAgent was integrated at Bharti AXA, Pune, which benefited them in reducing their average call handling time as the call center agent had ready access to call information, customer data and enterprise resources giving faster call resolution. 

Consilium UniAgent is a unified agent front-end application which combines login, data access and communication functions in a single-screen application which is easy to deploy and maintain. Most contact center infrastructures are built with multiple systems from multiple vendors. The ability of UniAgent to integrate with multiple systems and offer a single sign-on and single screen access to the multiple systems offers tremendous value to the agent, and hence to the contact center operations by improving metrics such as average handle time and agent productivity.

Group CIO and Head of HR, Arvind Saksena has stated that the Genesys contact center enables Bharti AXA with all the advanced and latest features. It is an important business asset for Bharti AXA and is expected to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction and help generate new revenues for the company.