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Consilium Introduces Next-Gen Quality Monitoring and Whisper Coaching with UniRSM™ 9.0 and UniQM™ for Contact Centers

  • 2021-07-22
  • Singapore

Singapore, Canada & India, July 21st , 2021 – Consilium Software, a world-leading provider of enterprise software for unified communications and contact centers, today announced the general availability of its UniRSM™ 9.0 release, which allows contact center supervisors and managers to perform real-time silent monitoring and whisper coaching of agent-to-customer conversations, and the addition of UniQM™ recording and quality monitoring to its product portfolio. Demand for the new product releases has been driven by home-based contact centers, which started as a BCP (business continuity planning) measure, but are now full-scale operations accepted as the regular business model.

UniRSM™ provides supervisors and trainers the ability to perform all silent monitoring and whisper coaching of agents remotely in real time, using an IVR dial-in method from any phone with secure, role-based access, without relying on an internet connection. It also has a mobile and desktop-based WebViewer version for use over VPN or office networks. Supervisors can log in to WebViewer using their Cisco Finesse supervisor credentials and listen to the monitoring audio on their Cisco Jabber extension

UniRSM™ can now monitor and coach CUCM-only agents, with supervisors using UniRSM™ WebViewer as their interface. If the environment also has a UCCX or CCE, UniRSM™ monitoring and coaching can be done through an IVR as well, even if the agents are not on CCX / CCE. UniRSM™ is compatible with Cisco UCCE, PCCE, HCS-CC, UCCX, WebEx CCE and CUCM-only collaboration environments, as well as when agents are distributed across one or more of these platforms. A new feature option in UniRSM 9.0 is the Agent Buddy Tool, which allows agents to submit a 'Request Supervisor Coaching' request while on a call. Barge-in and intercept features also debut in UniRSM 9.0. The barge-in feature allows supervisors to join a call between an agent and a caller. After barge in, the supervisor can intercept the call by dropping the agent from the call

UniQM™ launches a set of tools to record agent-to-customer conversations for the purpose of quality management, continuously measure and monitor agent performance, assess the quality and depth of customer interactions, and drive constant improvement. With UniQM™, conversations can be recorded along with business data from your contact center platform and CRM in a comprehensive secure, and reliable solution for recording and analyzing 100% of interactions.

“Home-based remote and mobile agents have become the norm for today’s contact centers. One of the top concerns organizations are having, with the partial or complete transition to home-based staff, is how they can perform quality assurance and training. They are struggling with the fact that they can’t plug in a second headset to listen into the agent and customer and provide coaching in a remote environment, like they could when they were on site. Consilim UniRSM™ and UniQM™ are a perfect combo, providing all the management, monitoring and training tools and they now provide the full superset of features,” said Pramod Ratwani, Founder and CEO of Consilium Software

Consilium UniRSM™ is available on Cisco SolutionsPlus worldwide through Cisco Commerce for ordering from the Cisco Global Price List (GPL.) The existing perpetual license SKU ‘CS-UNIRSM-CE-LIC’ continues to be available under master SKU ‘CS-APPS.’ The new annual subscription-based SKU ‘CS-UNIRSM-CE-SUB’ is under the new master SKU ‘CONSILIUM-APPS.’ There is an option to add the WebViewer enhancement with the SKU CS-UNIRSM-ENH-L (perpetual) or CS-UNIRSM-ENH-SUB (subscription-based.)

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